Persuasive essays: how to be convincing and confident

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Speaking of persuasive essay writing, there are several significant differences, which this type of essay writing has comparing to others. First of all, persuasive essays are written for convincing readers in authorís point of view and way of thinking. No matter what the topic is, the reader should end up reading persuasive essay with strong feeling that author is right and has an adequate opinion. This can be achieved by the variety of methods and tricks and we will talk about hem later in this article. The second significant difference is that you need to know the exact audience of your essay. To be able to address your thoughts and arguments effectively you need to know the recipient, right? And keeping in mind that views and opinions of people of different statue, age and sex can be completely opposite, this is a very important condition of writing successful persuasive essay.

Returning to our discussion of how to be convincing, there are some certain methods of doing that. Of course, every person is different and needs a unique key to his heart, but these universal tips will be helpful for you in any case.

1.  Donít write too long, epic essay

But, donít shorten your persuasive essay to the size of six grader writing either. You need to find that right balance of arguments, lengths and emotions in your essay. And if you will make it too long, it might lose the uniqueness of your essay in the massif of text. Who said, that short persuasive essay couldnít be effective?

2.  Always make sure, that every idea is supported with evidence

The main thing about persuasive essay is to make your reader believe you. And there is no way that your reader will believe you without strong evidential support of your statements. So consider this a must-do item in your writing schedule. If you think that the evidence isnít obvious enough, better refuse that argument in favour of more obvious one.

3.  Be confident

Your confidence is essential when writing persuasive essay. I mean, who would ever believe to your, if even you will have doubts in yourself? No one. That is why itís important for you to feel confident in your statements, be straight and clear. Only doing this will guarantee, that your essay will catch attention of reader and maybe even change someoneís mind.

4.  Be coherent

Your persuasive essay should have concrete logical structure. Arguments shouldnít come out of the blue and disappear to nowhere. Everything should have connections. Make sure that all paragraphs and essay parts have logical transitions between each other. Check the accordance of paragraphs to the logical order.

5.  Check and re-check everything

When the hardest part (and that would be writing) is over there is one more item, which still on your schedule. It is revising and editing. The key to well organized essay, which is free from mistakes and awful bloopers is double check of every bit of essay. No matter whether this is a persuasive essay or other type of writing Ė this is what have to be done. Donít be sloppy and make sure that every letter is checked. This is for your own good.