Writing an Essay in 7 Easy Steps

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Writing an Essay

Essay writing can be a very difficult, exceptionally complicated process but only for those who struggle with this type of assignment. Many students have no idea how to write a good essay. Thus, you are not alone in this regard. Fortunately, this article sets out several easy steps that should be followed if you want to impress your instructor with a well-done assignment. 

Helpful Tips and Advice

  1. Talk to ProfessorIf the assignment is not clear to you, you need to consult your instructor. Identify what you are supposed to do: compare, analyze or explain. It is important that you identify the type of work at the very first stage of the essay writing. You would not definitely like the idea to rewrite the whole paper which is almost ready. To avoid that, to not be lazy to read attentively the assignment and identify the task words. The analysis, comparison, and explanation are different things. Consequently, you will be asked to provide different types of works. If you need to compare, make sure you provide the comparison of the issues. If you are asked to analyze, provide the analysis of the subject, and whenever you are asked to explain, make sure you provide the genuine explanation.
  2. Conduct Research. To submit an appropriate essay you need to use the relevant sources. Do not use the sources whose authorship is rather doubtful. The nature of the sources should at least be reliable, if not academic for sure. You have to gather the sufficient amount of information before you can start writing a paper. What is most important is making the notes in your own words. That is how you will avoid plagiarism and understand better the issue. Note your ideas and thoughts properly.
  3. Write an OutlineHaving analyzed the sources you are now able to write an outline. The outline is important especially if you are asked to write a big paper. The outline will help you to structure the information and to organize accurately the paper. if you want your ideas to be logically linked, then provide a plan. Check whether every point in your plan is relevant to the topic and the main idea of your paper. It should be relevant or else you won`t manage to provide the accurate essay.
  4. Complete the First Draft. Use your note to write the first draft. Mind that this is not the final variant of your paper, so do not hesitate to write a lot. Later, you will be able to reorganize the information. Still, you need to have something to be written to organize this. So, let your thoughts flow. Now, you can write a thesis. That is why it was important to start working on the paper with gathering the appropriate material. Having analyzed this information you will be ready to put down a clear thesis statement. What is your response to the question? Remember that your thesis statement is the response to the question. If you thesis statement is too short and simple, that may signalize that you provided a faint analysis of the materials and did not figure out own response to the issue.
  5. Start with the Introductory Paragraph. Here, put down the background information on the issue. Now, you are familiar with the issue, so this won`t be a difficult task for you. Here, the discussion should be opened. After providing the background information on the issue, introduce your argumentative thesis statement. You can also provide what you will be discussing in the paper and in what order. It is important that you provide this information because the reader will directly know what comes next. If you discuss particular texts, why not to name them in the introduction. However, apart from the above, you should captivate the reader.
  6. Write the Body SectionsProceed with the next paper writing stage the main body of the paper. Use your plan and remember that you should start every paragraph with a topic sentence. Use linking words and phrases. That will help to provide the smooth passage from one paragraph to the other. Use your notes to argue your points. You should provide substantial and compatible evidence. Refer your thesis statement to show that you are addressing the issue.
  7. The Conclusion is Important! Finish your essay with a convenient conclusion. What you are supposed to do in the conclusion is summarizing the stated above. Your purpose is to provide a resume of your paper. Demonstrate that you have validated your thesis. You can finish the conclusion your paper with the appropriate and intriguing comment.

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