The Definitive Guide to College Admission Essays

by Samantha Smiles   Google

If you are surfing the internet with the hope to find an answer to the question “how to write a college admissions essay', you are welcome to read the following post. Thanks to our experience in writing great admission essays and personal statements, we gathered the following advices to help you with drafting an impressive piece of writing and boost your chances for a successful admission. So, let’s start from the very beginning.

Choosing the Right Topic

If you wonder how to write a good college admission essay, you should first devote your attention to the topic. The majority of universities, do give a choice of topics to write about. For example, you may be offered to write about the reasons why you consider studying at the specific university or college. Alternatively, you may be required to write about your professional aspirations or answer the question why you are the best candidate. Even if you have only one question to answer and only one admission essay to write, there is still enough room for creativity. For instance, if you have to write about your professional aspirations, do not devote the entire essay to outlining the advantages of being a marketing manager. Instead, write why you’ve chosen this field.

Honoring the Limits

If you have no idea how to start writing, instead of googling for the best answer on “how to write a college admission essay', you should focus on guidelines that are provided by the university. There are always very specific requirements and, most importantly, precise limits. Among the most common things you should keep in mind are: do not deviate from the topic, do not write beyond the word limit, and do not plagiarize.

  1. If you are asked to write about your career plans, do not devote 400 words out of 500 to your childhood trauma, for example, unless your childhood trauma is directly related to your career plans. If you are asked to write about your volunteering experience, do not write about your walking out your dog every evening! Stay focused on the topic! Every sentence should be related to it.
  2. If you are asked to deliver 1000 words or less, you should honor this requirement. Delivering 2000 words (double the limit) is the wrong strategy to stand out! Failure to honor this limit may disqualify you from further admission.
  3. Copying even a sentence from online source (website, article, or book) may lead to a huge problem – your admission may be suspended and you will lost the chance to attend the university of your dream. Don’t even think about taking the risk by copying a “nice' phrase online. If you cannot resist and cannot imagine your essay without that phrase, don’t forget to reference it

Being Creative: Add Humor

How to write a good college admissions essay? Make the reader smile! If the reader has positive emotions while reading your writing, the overall impression about you as a candidate will also be positive! The logic is rather transparent. If you are writing about something sad or tragic, the reader will also become gloomy, leading to an overall negative feeling about your application. While preparing for writing your admission essay, try to recall several funny episodes from your life. Don’t start writing if you are in a bad mood as well! Stop searching for how to write essay for college admission, start writing it right now!

Being Realistic: Write About Yourself

Many students who read diverse tips on how to write a good college admissions essay tend to make the same mistake again and again – they read different samples online and, as a result, deliver rather impersonal pieces of writing. Your task is not to read 100 articles about how to write college admission essays; your objective is to write a personal statement! The key word here is “personal'. It must be written by you and about you. Hypothetical experiences or imaginary situations are unacceptable.

Being Original: No One-Essay-Fit-All

Many aspiring students do not have sufficient understanding of how to write a good essay for college admission. Consequently, they make a mistake by writing one more or less good piece of an essay and further use it to apply for several universities or colleges. This strategy is not effective. If you really care about how to write an essay for college admission and strive to succeed in your admission, you need to prepare a unique essay for each university. Moreover, essay questions you need to answer tend to vary from one institution to another. So, don’t be lazy and start writing!

Never Beg! Compassion Is Not What You Seek!

Another common mistake made by students who struggle with a question how to write a essay for college admissions is “begging' language. What does it mean? For example, you had a difficult childhood and it motivates you to become a good lawyer because of the high income you aim to earn. It is a bad idea to devote your entire essay to describing the hardships of your childhood years with the hope that a reader will feel sorry for your experience and ‘reward’ you with a positive reply. Be positive and optimistic in your language!

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