Term Paper Writing Common Mistakes

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Term Paper Writing Common Mistakes

First: Read Instructions!

One of the most common mistakes students usually do is forgetting to read their instructions. Many mistakes could have been avoided if the instruction were read carefully. A little attention is being genuinely paid to the importance of the instructions. The students forget that the instructions are given to facilitate their work on writing. Surely, a task might be rather complicated and questionable. If you do not understand what you are asked to do in the instruction, do not hesitate to ask your instructor to clarify the task. The success of your paper depends majorly on how effectively you have understood the guidelines.

Second: Do Not Forget About Thesis!

You might have heard already about the importance of putting solid thesis statement. Your thesis is your position. If your position is not clear to you, you will most probably fail to provide clear thesis statement. That is another mistake that students make while Term Papers Writing. The same refers to the introductory paragraph and conclusion. Surely that you do not want your audience to lose quickly the interest to your paper. For that, you are recommended to provide an introduction that will grab the attention of the audience to your paper. Concerning a conclusion, it is important that you summarize carefully your results and put it in your conclusion. If you just copy your introduction and put it in a conclusion, it will be a huge mistake. Avoid doing like that!

Third: Proofread for Punctuation

What about punctuation? Do you always separate two independent clauses when it is necessary? When you forget to separate two independent clauses with punctuation, you provide a sentence which is called a run-on sentence. Mind that independent clauses should always be separated. Many students make this mistake because they skip revising phase. If you revised attentively a paper you submit, you would make less similar errors, and you would get rid of making such mistakes at all sooner or later. It is rather a common mistake though it is quite easy to remember this rule.

While on the subject of punctuation, students mostly fail to use correctly the commas. Use commas where it is appropriate. Generally, commas are used to mark the pauses. So, whenever you read your essay and notice that a comma should be placed here or there to mark a pause, do it. It is very helpful to read an essay aloud. Thus, it is recommended that you do the same. There is a significant difference in reading aloud and silently, but that is another topic for discussion.

Fourth: Proofread for Grammar

Finally, the major mistake that almost all students do is skipping the proofreading phase. Why is it important to proofread a paper? Though the answer is crystal clear, the students tend to avoid proofreading while it does not take too much time and efforts. Even if you think that you were attentive while writing an essay, mistypes occur. Your instructor will guess that you did not pay much attention to proofreading. The minor grammar and stylistic mistakes could be avoided, if you proofread your paper, so never skip this stage and you will become a valuable term paper writer!

Final: Get Help!

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