Looking for Sample Term Paper?

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Writing a term paper is rather a challenging task. The formats vary, and so do the purposes for different educational levels. That's why students frequently look for sample term paper to help them and show the right course of action. But mind that you can end up even more confused because those sample works follow different formats and requirements. To choose the right format and style, you need to coordinate it with your teacher. We will provide you some writing guidelines and a sample term paper outline.

Basic Steps to Write your Term Paper

  1. Select a topic that is of interest to you.
  2. Carry out some research to strengthen your arguments. Look for credible sources with recent and precise data.
  3. Make an outline that will guide you through the process of writing. Structure your arguments logically.
  4. Write the paper according to the instructions of your teacher. Keep it straight to the point and avoid excessive wording.
  5. Edit the paper carefully before you turn it in.

Here is a sample term paper outline for the topic “Abortion in the USA'.


Background information: The current state of abortion legislation in the USA.

Thesis: Abortion has to be prohibited.


Fetus is a living being from the moment of conception, so abortion can be qualified as murder.

  • Medical article confirming that.
  • Refutation of counterarguments.

Adoption is a better alternative to abortion.

An interview with an authoritative politician claiming that.

  • Statistics of adoption in the USA.
  • Number of charitable organizations that provide support to women who refused from abortion to leave the child in an orphanage.

Abortion can bring about physical and mental problems later in life.

  • Medical article confirming that.
  • Real cases of such complications.


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