Sample College Admission Essays: What does the Committee Like?

by Samantha Smiles   Google

There is no clearly-defined format for the admission essay so most applicants are at first disoriented and overwhelmed with ideas. They often look for sample college admission essays to understand what the committee wants to read. When you read highly-evaluated sample college essays the only similarity you can notice is there good organization and engaging content while the format and the topic can be quite different.

So, what should you begin with when writing an admission essay? The most important thing is to select a topic that you can use to your largest advantage. Brainstorm for ideas, ask yourself what is special about you and why you have chosen this college. Think of the situations where you have expressed your personality to the largest extent. Only after a long period of meditation should you kick off with the writing process.

What Makes a Successful College Admission Essay?


You may not be given any specific instructions but remember that every admissions committee officer goes through a large stack of essays every single day so he/she would be grateful if could express all your thoughts in a concise form. When you go over 700 words that the committee may get tired before they reach the middle.


Don't write any trivialities or the information that is evident from other parts of the application process. Let the committee know what makes you stand out against all the other applicants. Make your essay personal but not too personal: your love relations and family affections should by no means be the focus of your essay although they may be touched upon. Avoid talking about your religious beliefs either.


Although the topic of your essay may be pretty abstract, this is no excuse for making your essay vague and inflated. Write about one thing at a time. Mind that you shouldn't describe all your activities and interests since your primary school. Concentrate on the qualities that you are really proud of and create a story that demonstrates them.


Most essays that the admissions committee have to read are bland descriptions of some events in the chronological order. Your essay has to be unique not only in content but also in the wording. The rule of thumb is show, don't tell. Make it a real narrative story with interesting details to let the readers better imagine the setting of the unfolding events. Address the sensory perception of your audience with bright and savory adjectives. Indicate names (possibly invented) to make the story more persuasive.

Your Essay will be Better than any of Sample College Admission Essays!

Writing an admission essay is a challenging task particularly when you realize that all your future may be at stake. Reading hundreds of sample college admission essays is of no use unless you have enough writing practice and imagination. If you want to ensure your success, let our professional writers craft you a stellar essay that will reveal the strongest sides of your personality.