Research Paper Writing Mistakes

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Research Paper Writing Mistakes

The purpose of this article is to help you avoid making common mistakes while writing your academic research paper. Do not think that this is just another set of monotonous instructions. These steps are straightforward for understanding and you should keep them in mind while working on your research project.

Mistake One: Missed Deadline

The first and the most common mistake that any student is not immune from is missing a deadline. You may find a hundred of reasons explaining why you have missed a deadline, but, unfortunately, your instructor won`t be satisfied with your performance. So, try to do your best and perform on time. If you think that you are pressed with your personal circumstances or anything else, provide substantial explanations of what these circumstances are if not, you are kindly asked to follow the writing guidelines and submit research papers on time.

Mistake Two: Afraid to Talk to Instructor

What if you need to ask your instructor for a piece of advice, but feel unsure of doing it? It is a common practice, that students miss the opportunity to get a couple of genuinely useful advice because of the number of uncertain reasons. Why not arrange a meeting with your instructor and ask to get the answers on the disturbing question? Surely, you do not have to arrange a meeting if you specify some points online. It is kindly recommended that you ask a genuinely valuable question. Before writing a letter to your instructor, make sure you have read carefully the guidelines. That is the second most common mistake when students fail to read carefully the instruction to the assignment.

Mistake Three: Too Broad v. Too Narrow Topic

Another mistake that most students do while research papers writing is narrowing or broadening too much their topic. You are kindly asked to provide your research within the specified framework. Mind this when you start writing about something you were not asked to write about. There is a simple exercise which always helps. Before you start writing, ask yourself what are you writing about, and keep this line. You are strongly asked to reread from time to time your thesis statement to make sure you are providing on-topic information.

Mistake Four: No Structure

Even if you have brilliant ideas on the issue, but lack necessary academic writing and self-organization skills, your paper will be most probably low-rated. Most students do find it difficult to arrange all the information they gathered while providing a research. The information could be genuinely relevant to the topic, but when it comes to organizing it in a paper, most students provide a poorly organized academic paper. It is strongly recommended that you follow academic writing requirements and guidelines not to make such mistake.

Mistake Five: Ignored Formatting Rules

If you want your paper to get a high grade, do not play tricks with margins, font size, or line spacing. If you are required to provide particular margins, font size and line spacing in your paper, be kind to follow these requirements. These academic requirements are obligatory and you are supposed to follow them to learn the necessary skills. Your instructor will find out instantly that you have changed one of these points and will be obliged to level down your mark.

Research Paper Editing

Avoid the above mistakes and your research papers will always get good feedback. If you need help with checking your research paper for these and many other mistakes, do not hesitate to use our research paper editing service. We will correct all mistakes and help you get the grade you truly deserve!