Research paper interesting topics: global climate change

by Samantha Smiles   Google

We have seen an increase in scientific studies and other developments in the field of global climate change. The topic is very up-to-date and there are numerous studies on the phenomena, which can make students across the globe, think that everything about the problem has already been written. It is not exactly correct. Global climate change conferences and reports are being prepared regularly so there is much new information about this field. In addition, the topic of global climate change is very complex itself and has many elements, which require attention and solutions. Writing this paper can be fun as well as reading it, you just need to address the right aspects.

The Main Cause: Human Activity?

Scientists all around the world tend to think that human activity is one of the main causes for climate changes around the planet. However, there is no direct evidence that certain human activities cause change in the climate of the planet. Donít be discouraged: there are many other aspects that can be discussed. You can take a path of showing the causes that contribute to climate change, for example, the rates of rapid growth in the Earthís population, consumption of the resources and so on. These factors provide extra push on the environment.

Earthís Contribution

There is another aspect to the topic that can make reading very fun. It is a question that has been debated over a decade: is the Earth becoming warmer itself or humans are the ones that cause the change? The prevailing majority of scientists suggest that warming occurs naturally and humans are just contributing their tiny part. But the other scientists argue that increase in rates of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from human activity. This discussion is still goes on and has many unanswered questions, so this could be a focus of the research paper.

Greenhouse Effect: What the Consequences will Be?

Other discussions are aimed at the future impact of the greenhouse effect. No one actually knows what exact changes are coming, because the consequences of this effect are very far-reaching. You could use the suggestions of leading scientists in the field and this could be another interesting topic for your research paper.

More Angles

While majority of discussions use the environmental impact as the central theme, other areas of interest could be used as well. Describe the influence of global climate change on political decisions, economic situation across the planet as well as psychological impact on the behavior of the population.

Despite numerous discussions, the problem of changing climate still remains and the prospects now are looking not so promising. Scientists and governments don't know the ways to end and reverse the process. However, certain solutions are found and studied. Using the area of possible options of tackling the process, your paper can evaluate one of the solutions or propose the new one. In this case you should focus on advantages and disadvantages of the solutions.

The research paper addressing global climate changed can be written using various points and information. Remember to use only reliable material and make your research paper noteworthy.