Effective Presentation Topics

by Samantha Smiles   Google

PowerPoint presentations are all the rage now. Both at school, college and even at workplace you inevitably face the need to convey your ideas in the form of a computer-aided presentation. Perhaps, that’s because people are not so perceptive to words as they are to pictures. Remember that while designing your presentation: don’t overload it with words, place your bets at graphics, because researchers claim the audience will only remember pictures. Don’t believe it? Then, how people perceive presentations could easily become your presentation topic!

Jokes aside, though ideas for presentation topics are everywhere around you, you need to be careful while the selecting process. An appropriate and engaging topic accounts for 90% of your success! That’s why we wouldn’t recommend you to select such subjects as abortion, smoking at public places or guns control, because they have become hackneyed so far.

Go for something that is fresher and more urgent at the moment. Formulate your topic in an intriguing, amusing or even slightly intimidating way: people tend to get extremely attentive when it concerns the danger to their own life and health. It is desirable to use question marks: this way you encourage your audience to ponder over the suggested topic straight away. 

We’ve made a list of timely and interesting presentation topics for you to choose from or to help you generate your own ideas: 

  • The potential of alternative energy sources
  • Solving the problem of exhaust gases
  • Nuclear weapons: pros and cons
  • The future of nanotechnology
  • Recycling wastes: is it too late to do it?
  • How to fight age and gender discrimination at workplace?
  • Genetically modified foods: is the danger exaggerated?
  • Global warming: a non-existing problem?
  • The prospects of space population by humans
  • The silenced danger of mobile phones
  • Cross cultural adoption: is there something to be afraid of?
  • Mass media as the largest evil of modern society
  • When will Americans start eating healthy food?
  • E-cigarettes: a step to healthy lifestyle or an invitation to tobacco smoking?
  • Cyber crimes: the plague of modern world
  • The hidden hazards of social media
  • Should junk-mailers be punished?
  • The American healthcare system: is reform needed?
  • Does your success depend on your diploma?
  • Is democracy what we really need?
  • Overcoming cultural stereotypes
  • How to properly protect intellectual property?
  • Are problems of the disabled really addressed?
  • Non-Governmental Organizations: are they effective?
  • Is it true that banks have too much power?

Most of the suggested topics lie in the sphere of technology, ecology and politics, because developments in these realms concern all of us. Hence they increase your chances of being heard. To the contrary, the choice of some highly specific topic will narrow your audience significantly.

However, you shouldn’t pick topics that are too broad either. The questions of “Evolution versus Creation', or “Big Bang Theory' will get you nowhere as you won’t have anything definite to summarize your presentation with.

Remember that writing a presentation involves substantive research and careful design. You’ll be relieved from these bothers, though, and likely to receive higher mark, if you hand your assignment over to us! It won’t present any difficulty to our experienced writers to make an impressive and unforgettable presentation on any subject you select.