Need a breathtaking presentation speech? No problem!

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Presentation speeches are not like writing assignments and require special skills for preparation and performing. Nonetheless, every student should know how to present his ideas on public if he want to have a successful academic career. Thus, it is important to make the most of every opportunity of speech. How to make it effectively and be persuasive? This is the case for detailed guidelines, which we are presenting to you! Use this simple guide to improve your presentation speech skills vastly.

Stage I: Preparing for the speech

First thing that you will need is, obviously, decent presentation. Make sure that there are enough slides in presentation and itís visually completed. The main requirements for a good presentation are:

  • Conciseness. You donít need to overload your slides with text Ė the main thing is overall visibility.
  • Visual style. This is something, for what presentations are done. Pretty slides, interesting transitions and perfect formatting.
  • Meaningfulness. The information in your presentation should be presented not only concisely, but also meaningfully.

After your presentation is ready itís time to prepare the plan of speech about this presentation. Usually speeches are not very long, about 10 or 15 minutes maximum, so you need to arrange information in the way that will include all the bullet points of your topic under such time pressure. Itís nice if you have a lot of information to work with and donít worry if your speech will be one or two minutes longer than limit, usually audience accept this. Practice your speaking in front of mirror or your friends Ė this will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Stage II: Performing

The key word about performing your speech is ďconfidence'. Confident orator will capture attention of the audience. Donít be afraid of people in front of you Ė they are all the same people like you. Follow your plan precisely; you can use a note to peep from time to time. But donít get too far with that Ė listeners donít like when speaker reads rather than speaks.

You can insert some jokes into speech if you feel confident to have a joke during presentation. Again, know your limits here. What is appropriate for 20 years old student is not acceptable for sophisticated professor.

The main thing to recommend for performance stage is that you should avoid being nervous. Anxiety is your worst friend.

Stage III: Questions after the presentation

Of course, if your listeners were attentive enough, they will want to ask some questions when presentation is finished. Be calm and prepare to shield their attacks. After all, it is you, who explored the topic of presentation inside out and surely you have answers for them. Besides, one more good way to make your presentation livelier is to prepare several questions and ask listeners to know whether they have listened your presentation carefully enough or just arise the discussion.

As you can see with this three stages, there is nothing too complicated in making a decent presentation, all the you need to do is to get yourself together and be confident.