Learning Strategies: Preparing for Exams

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Many students are often frustrated because of the results of their exams. There is always a feeling that if you would have studied a little bit more you would have got a better grade. We all know about the story of a student who gets the best grades only by studying a couple of hours before the exam. At first glance it seems impossible because we have studied for weeks and still received lower grade. But if the problem of preparing yourself to the exams is reviewed carefully enough, we might understand the reasons why it is possible to do more with less time.

Sometimes people cannot effectively prepare themselves for anything because they donít have any time management skills or cannot battle their anxiety. The majority of cases involve lack of efforts and the only solutions are short-term. So what are the ways to learn effectively to get really prepared for an upcoming exam? There are more of them than you think.

Gather Information

First, you should gather all information regarding the course. The books that provide information that will be included on the exam should not be ignored. Make sure to read all relevant literature and take notes of important information.

Review Assignments

Secondly, review all past assignments that you have done throughout the course. That should help you to recall important formulas, definitions and so on. Read the syllabus of the course. It may contain the concepts that may be included on the exams.

Know the Dates

Next, make sure you know the dates when the exams are assigned in order to determine your own course of studying beforehand. You should have enough time to read and review relevant information as thorough as you can. Time estimation will help to keep the studying pace and donít be in hurry by the time the exam date arrives. This, in turn, improves your time management skills and would be helpful in the future studies. Prepare a special planner or calendar that would remind you about the amount of material that has to be reviewed within a certain timeframe.

Donít forget that there are other courses and other works. Balance your time between other assignments within the preparation period. If you need to decrease the time needed for other studies, consider it. The preparation is not going to last for long period of time. Stay away from TV or other distractions if necessary.

Seek Additional Sources

Find anything that can help you. These could be notes from the library, guides and so on. The guide of the course will help you to determine key points of the course and its main sections, which maybe included during the exams.

Have a decent attitude

Finally, it is your attitude that plays a very important role. Begin as soon as you can. Donít think that you can do it tomorrow or even later. Motivate yourself and think positively.

All these techniques are very straightforward and can be done. You wouldnít be surprised after you get an A on your exam by simply following them!