Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

The purpose of a persuasive or argumentative essay is to convince your audience that your position is legitimate. You have to take a particular position and argue that it is the only reasonable one. To do that, you have to know your audience.

Audience is important

True often, most students forget about the presence of an audience. Though this term can have quite a general meaning, it can be rather specified to the one which means a particular audience. Why is it important to mention the audience? You have to understand that you are supposed to provide an outward writing instead of providing inward writing. It happens so when you forget about the audience, you involuntary start to provide an inward writing. Remember that you are not writing for yourself. Consequently, your essay will be read by your instructor, group-mates, and so on and so forth. Thus, you have to meet the expectations of your audience, if you want to succeed in writing a good persuasive essay.

Expectations of the audience

What does it mean to meet the expectation of the audience? For example, if your audience is narrowed to your instructor, thus it means that you have to meet the expectations of him/her. Actually, it is quite easy to do as you will be given guidelines on how to compose a persuasive paper. You are kindly recommended to read carefully these instructions or else you risk failing the assignment. Most often, students think they can do well without any instruction, but they get much upset receiving back their poorly prepared papers.

What is the purpose?

It was mentioned that the purpose of persuasive essay writing is to prove your claim. You should use facts to support your claim. There is one useful tip to be mentioned, start every new paragraph with an argument that supports your claim. Basically, you should not have many claims in your paper, you need to have a single argument, but you have to provide multiple arguments to support this claim. Where to get arguments? Certainly, make sure you use academic sources whose authorship is reliable and justified. Avoid using doubtful sources without an author. You are strongly recommended to check the author`s credentials. How many publications have been done by this particular author, or whether there is any publication previously done by this author or not?

Persuasive essay structure

Your essay should be structured. If there is no organization in your essay, you will hardly be able to produce a quality essay. To reach this purpose, you have to organize your thoughts. Having read the information and identifying a central argument of the paper, you can start with making a plan. That will enable you to organize your writing. Thus, you will follow your plan step by step and you will see that it worth trying. The result will surprise you. It is rather easier to work with a plan than without it. The plan will organize your thoughts and consequently your persuasive paper.

Proofread your persuasive essay

Once you are ready with your paper, do not put it aside, proofread it carefully. Check once again whether your thesis statement is debatable or not. Mind that if you are not able to provide a thesis statement which is absolutely opposing to the one you have already provided, you did not reach the task, unfortunately. Is your claim supported enough? Did you manage to provide relevant information to the topic? Ask these questions while proofreading your paper and good luck with your paper!