How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Persuasive essay is quite similar to opinion and argumentative essays. You are required to state an idea and support it with arguments in the most convincing way. Your purpose is to make the audience side with you on the point you choose.

The Structure of the Persuasive Essay

The structure of the persuasive essay is basically the same as of all the other essay types. You have to provide the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

The introduction should set the background for the problem in question. It is also preferable to give some opening hook, which may be a question , a surprising fact or overwhelming statistics. But the most important part of your introduction comes in the end – the thesis, where you state your opinion on the problem in the most unequivocal way. Remember that you can’t be ambiguous – you need to side either with one side of the discussion or with the other.

The main body may comprise different number of paragraphs depending on how many arguments you have. But when choosing topics for persuasive speech make sure you have not less than three strong arguments. This way, you will have three paragraphs. If you have more, think of grouping your arguments. Each argument should be backed up with evidence that you may take from your own experience, mass media or scientific journals. Address some counterarguments too – that will show you can see the other side of things.

The conclusion is the place to summarize all your thoughts and restate your position on the question. Be careful not to introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. Your teacher is not going to like it.

Ideas for Topics

Try to pick a topic that is close to you. Only this way you can engage yourself with it and, therefore, engage your audience. Remember it has to be something controversial. Your opinion may be quite different to the majority, but don’t be afraid if you have enough arguments. 

We’ve come up with some good topics for persuasive essay. You can choose one from this list or think of something similar.

  1. The minimum drinking age should be lowered.
  2. We need a more serious punishment for steroid use.
  3. Television makes us dumb.
  4. We are too dependent on technology.
  5. Alternative energy sources can’t be implemented.
  6. Children should be restricted in playing video games.
  7. Physical education shouldn’t be obligatory for students.
  8. High school students should be given the right to choose all their subjects.
  9. Standardized tests are not the best way to evaluate students.
  10. Diploma does not mean anything nowadays.
  11. Modern art is unintelligible.
  12. High level of competition is bad for employees’ performance.
  13. Elementary school students shouldn’t be given marks.
  14. Beauty contests are humiliating and should be banned.
  15. We should limit our automobile use and ride the bicycle whenever possible.
  16. The U.S. healthcare system should be reformed.
  17. Everybody should be obliged to donate to charity.
  18. Children nowadays are becoming increasingly hyperactive.
  19. Vending machines should be removed from school buildings.
  20. English spelling should be finally reformed.

We hope these topics were helpful. If you need some more help with your persuasive essay, feel free to contact us!