Persuasive Essay on Abortion Topicality: Why Is It So Popular?

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Abortion is a topic that seems to invoke hot discussions all the time. Abortion is perceived differently by people of various age, sex, religion and so on. Someone considers abortion to be a kind of sin, blaming women in irresponsibility and immature attitude to living creatures, being inhumane to their own children. Others justify such behavior with different factors that influence decision of woman such as health problems, which can injure fetus or absence of funds to provide the child with all necessary things for care. Some countries such as China with its one-child policy accept and even force women to make abortions, while others try to restrict the number of abortions by fines, prison sentences and other punishment methods. What you really need to do before writing a persuasive essay on abortion is to take a side and argue your point of view.

Features of Persuasive Essay

There are different essay topics and each of them requires different approach to writing. Depending on the topic and special requirements from your instructor, you should choose an appropriate paper type. We can distinguish four basic essay types:

  • expository
  • argument
  • narrative
  • descriptive

Expository paper is an essay type that informs the audience about something or gives a detailed instruction of how to carry out an action. Narrative work implies a story telling, often from the first person point of view. Description is about “decorations'. Using description we can make ordinary things seem to be unusual, coloring them with detailed characteristics. Argument or persuasive essay goal is to prove your correctness concerning the definite issue. It must not be just a statement, but a strong argument with an example that supports its veracity. As mentioned above, persuasive essay must be based on defending some point of view. Hence, your arguments will always have some contradictory ones. The way you try to disprove the correctness of the opponent opinion must not be too aggressive. You need to achieve your goal with the facts you gathered and the research you carried instead of emotional dispute and contrary theories. 

Have A Plan Of Work: How To Accomplish Your Assignment

The plan is the way you see your actions succession. If you want your paper to deserve respect and applause, you need to show your ability to organize the work. Thus, the way to show your organization skills is a constructive plan:

  1. Firstly, choose an appropriate topic for writing
  2. Gather information with deep search
  3. Filter collected information
  4. Write a draft of the paper
  5. Write a fair copy and check it for mistakes.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics Can Help You To Succeed

Instead of asking your group mates what topic they chose and copying somebody, switch on your own mind and make some real brain labor. Before writing your paper, calm down and think about the things, in which you are really interested. Given a freedom of choice, you can select a topic that reflects your profound interest, knowledge and analysis of the definite subject. So, we are trying to tell you that it’s essential to choose the topic that will save your time greatly: if you are keen on the subject, you will need less time for information search and writing. The only thing you will need to do is to plan your work process and to think of the structure of the paper. 

Information Gathering: Online Warehouse Can Harm You

You may use all possible sources of information during the task execution: books, online articles, academic works, special magazines, newspapers and so on. But the only condition here is the authenticity of your text. This means, that you are not allowed to copy the information from the mentioned sources straight into the text of your work to avoid plagiarism. You may transform the information in your own words after reading, but the plagiarism will be easily detected by computer programs.

Custom Essay And Research Paper Writing: Differences In Structure

The structure of your custom essay and the structure of your research paper will differ greatly due to the differences in length and purpose of work. Custom essay should represent a short deduction text that covers 1-3 pages and has the following structure:

  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion

Introduction is a representation of your topic, aims and issues that will be discussed. Main body is represented by the arguments and accompanying examples. Conclusion is a sum up of the work with emphasis on your main idea.

Speaking about the research paper, we imply at least 20-page work that has more complicated structure:

  • title page
  • contents
  • summary
  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion
  • bibliography
  • appendices

First page or a title page contains information about your topic, your personal information (name, surname), instructor, college/university, year etc. Contents is a list of parts of paper with corresponding page numbers. Summary is a retelling of the work’s bullet points. Introduction covers at least one page of the research paper while in the custom essay it is represented only by one paragraph. Main body is divided into several sections and paragraphs. Conclusion is a sum up of your work and it’s also one-two papers in length. Bibliography – a list of used information sources. Appendices  - graphics, tables, drawings, photos and other additional materials.

Good Topics For Persuasive Speeches – Not Enough For Success

If your assignment implies not only written part, but also presentation of your work in front of the audience, you need to add one point to your plan of work: rehearsal of speech. So, what you need to do except of choosing persuasive research paper topics, preliminary preparation and writing? You don’t need to learn your work by heart like a poem. You need to structure in your head the sequence of issues you want to mention in your speech. You may peep into your paper to stick to your storyline, but still, never lose eye contact with the audience. Feel yourself confident – this is the key to success.