How to Write Good Essay Titles

by Samantha Smiles   Google
How to Write Good Essay Titles

You know that a title is one of the most important elements in your essay. A clever and creative title absorbs successfully attention of your reader. That is what you exactly need: to captivate your audience. If you like the title of your paper that means that the audience will also like it. Consider what title you would like to read. Imagine that you are targeted, what title would interest you. You should provide a title that would interest a reader.

If you think that this task is too difficult for you, you can ask someone who is more creative than you to help you with writing a proper title. Anyway, it is recommended that you put your thoughts together and produce a great title. You are not obliged to start writing with a title. You can compose a title after finishing writing the main part of your paper.

Summarize in a couple of words

Having provided the major essay writing work, you are recommended to summarize in a couple of words what have been written to help yourself with writing a title. Some students find it easier to start with a title, and those, who provide a title after the main work was done. True often, those who start with the title and then proceed with writing an essay modify the original variant when an essay is written.

Comment about cliches

Do not use clichés. However, cliches can help you to develop the idea of your title. There are a lot of essay examples. You can use cliches only as the basis for your title, but do not use them instead of your own title. It is important that you consider your audience while writing your title. Ask yourself who is going to read your essay. Will be the usage of humor appropriate? Would your instructor appreciate your decision of writing a humorous title? Anyway, a little bit of humor won`t hurt. To know that for sure, reread your assignment and the guidelines provided by your instructor. To match your audience, you are required to know its expectations. Think carefully what title would be appreciated by the particular audience you are targeting.

Keywords, audience, and frames

You know that the assignment key words like compare/contrast, analyze, describe, summarize, and so on and so forth can help you to compose a proper title. For example, if you get the assignment where you encounter all the time a verb "summarize", thus, it means you have to provide a summary. Consequently, you can transform a verb "summarize" into a noun "summary" and put it in a title. In such a way, you will get a title which will start with the following frame "A summary of". Certainly, it does not mean that you should title your paper using this frame. It has been previously mentioned that a title should be creative. Consequently, reread the assignment once again to make certain whether the essay assignment asks a question or not. If yes, you can confidently put a title is a form of a question, but do not provide an answer yet.

Original and creative

Finally, you can write good essay titles when you know what your essay is about and what your target audience is. However, do not forget to be creative and provide original titles.