How to Write a Descriptive Essay

by Samantha Smiles   Google
How to Write a Descriptive Essay

What is descriptive essay writing about? You are supposed to paint a picture in a reader`s mind. For that, you should not tell, but show your reader what is going on. The first step to follow is the choice of a topic. You will be asked to focus on an event or a person. The success of a paper depends greatly on the choice of a topic. A right choice of descriptive essay topics can practically guarantee that you will provide a quality paper.

Description should be detailed

Whether you write about a person, place or event, you will have to provide a detailed description of the subject of your essay. If you are describing a person, start with giving a general characteristic or some peculiarities of the character and manners of this person. It can be anything relevant to the topic of your essay. While writing an essay, narrow the description down to a particular line. A personality is a complex issue. Focus on a particular episode of life and describe it in details. If you are going to write about an event, make sure you are following a chronological order of the events. Always mind that your writing should make sense. That is why it is important to reread a paper when the first draft is complete. Describing a place also requires you to be consistent in conveying information.

Introduction is important

Introductory part is important for any essay. A reader gets what issue/issues your essay is focusing while reading the introduction. Thus, it is important that your introduction is logic, clear and concise. In the introductory paragraph, there should be a thesis statement or the main idea. If there is no thesis or idea in the introduction, it is better that you put it there. A thesis statement is necessary to make your essay purposeful. A thesis sets up the further direction of your paper.

Outline should be prepared

Provide yourself with the outline. Students are recommended to make an outline to have the understanding of what is to be discussed in every paragraph of paper. It is not such a time-consuming task to provide an outline. Moreover, it is rather an effective strategy to organize the thoughts and ideas and your paper writing in general. Every another paragraph should relate to the previous one so that it makes sense. For that, you are kindly recommended to make a plan. The more detailed your plan is, the more consistent your writing is. The main body of your paper should support your claim which you have provided in the introductory paragraph. The conclusion is as important as the previous sections are. The purpose of the conclusion is to provide the summary of the previous sections. Do not just copy the introduction. These are different sections with different purposes. In the conclusion, a student summarizes the results, while in the introduction, a student sets up the goals. Consequently, in the main body, a student proves whether these goals are reachable or not.

Revision and editing

Let it because of the lack of time, but only a few will revise and edit carefully a ready paper. The revision and editing are crucial and useful stages also. When you revise your paper, you can correct not only the grammar mistakes but also check whether your document has reached its purpose.