How to write a research paper? Three steps for success

by Samantha Smiles   Google

There are different writing assignments waiting for you in college. One of the most demanding of them is research paper. This writing assignment requires maximum attentiveness and precision from every student, thus thorough preparations are required when you are about to approach this task. In this article, we will dig a bit deeper about the process of writing research paper and try to answer the most disturbing questions. Following three steps of writing research paper hopefully will make it easy for you to handle it with precision.

Step one: Preparatory

Believe me – you don’t want to approach research paper without a proper plan of actions. Therefore, before writing, you should sit and think about your goals, ways to achieve them, your thesis statement and set of ideas. Nice way to sort out your thoughts and give some structure to them is outline. Even the first rough outline of your research paper is able to help you in building the carcass of work.

Another aspect of stage of preparation to writing is psychological. You should realize that for a period of writing you need to give your best efforts and even sacrifice your free time to it. There is no chance that you will make the most of research paper if will not have proper attitude and will to write it. After the outline construction and setting on the right “writing wave', nothing can keep you from processing to the next step, which is…

Step two: Executional

It is time to make all your plans come to life. But how? Now this is a nice question. The simplest way to create worthy research paper is to follow simple structure of introduction, body and conclusion. There is introduction, where you should acquire your reader with the topic of your research, state your thesis statement and give a short overview of goals, which you want to achieve in your work. Then it is the body your paper, where you should unfold the research, supported by evidence from trusted sources like books, scholarly articles or interviews. There is a little chance that research paper without citations to sources will be accepted, so keep that in mind.

Conducting a research isn’t an easy thing, even for experienced writers, so it will be an additional advantage if you will find someone, who can consult you about your subject.

Step three: Editing and revision

One big mistake, which many students have intention to make, is neglecting an opportunity to revise their research papers before submission. This could lead to very bitter consequences for your research paper grades. So be sure to check following attributes of your research paper when it’s finished:

  • Grammar
  • Structure
  • Overall formal style of paper
  • Punctuation
  • Citations
  • Accordance with professor’s requirements
  • Accordance to required formatting style (MLA, APA, etc.)

Only after double check of listed parameters, your research paper is ready for submission with certain expectations of a high grade.

Remember, that good research paper should not be written in a hurry, otherwise, it can turn into a total mess.