How to write a narrative essay: sharing your personal story

by Samantha Smiles   Google

In narrative essay the writer not only describes the topic, but shares some personal experience in the area. Such technique allows to convey the point and relate it to the readers on a personal level. For example, you can describe how influence of your father made you love sport and become an athlete. The main point here is to tell a certain story about your life that brought some major changes or changed your views. Don’t just state the facts; you have to convey that the event had significant importance. The following elements are critical to writing an awesome narrative essay.

Focus on the main point

Remember, the message you trying to deliver to your audience needs to have some significance. Tell the story with a narrative effect. This is the main point of the story itself. It has to be subsequent and contain series of connected events. If you are not sure about your narrative effect, you simply can ask yourself why you are telling these words to other people. The answer for the question would be your thesis.

Story development

Bring more details to your narrative. They should be interesting to the audience to read and analyze. Make your readers believe in the story by telling it honestly and simply. If you have some key scenes or situations, make sure to describe them thoroughly. The best option to tell the story is to give a summary on secondary information and focus on the key scenes.


There are three basic elements of a narrative essay.

Orientation. It gives the reader information about the people involved, important story elements as well as place of occurrence.

Complication. It describes the turning point of the story (conflicts etc.). Complication leads to the point of highest action and transforms into the third element.

Resolution. Here the writer directly or indirectly suggests the main point and the conflict is resolved.

Beside structure organization, you need to have psychological or chronological time in your narrative. Psychological time means telling the story describing the stories like they would have been saved in someone’s memory. In turn, chronological time conveys the story in order with the time when they occurred.


This narrative of essay should not just convey the story and present the information; it should make it interesting to the reader and provide certain level of engagement. In order to support your content, you need to have an appropriate style. Don’t make your paper boring by bombarding your audience with endless facts. All information that you included in your work should provide a dominant impression. Be sure to decide the point where the impression would be conveyed to the reader. For example, if you’re describing your deciding free throw in the final basketball game, provide the readers with information about the feelings you had before shooting the ball. If you would have missed the shot, you would have been blamed by your teammates who have gone all the way to the final with you. Of course you feared and anticipated that shot. If the readers are focused on the situation, this would give the point of your essay.


You should write the paper using active verbs and concrete nouns. Again, you’re describing that final game, don’t just call everything by their names: “ball', “sneakers' and so on. For example, the word “sneakers' might be replaced with “1989 Nike Converse'.