How to write a cause and effect essay?

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Cause and effect essay is relatively easy to write.

All it takes to receive your A is to apply your logic and analytical thinking to distinguish causes from effects and to organize them properly. Mind that you may be asked either to incorporate both causes and effects, or to focus on something in particular. Quite naturally, an essay of 300-500 words will typically elaborate on either causes or effects. When you are allowed a larger scope, though, you are expected to write about both. Of course, it is more reasonable to start with causes and then to proceed to effects. The degree of your precision in stating causes and effects will depend not only on the required length, but also on the requirements of your teacher, so take note of what he is saying! When writing a cause and effect essay, you are expected to maintain objectivity, though you are allowed to describe cause and effects as negative or positive.

If you given the freedom to choose a topic on your own, use it to your advantage and pick one you are most competent in! Some good topics for cause and effect essays are:

  • divorce
  • air pollution
  • obesity
  • globalization
  • feminism
  • civil rights movement
  • illegal immigration

These are serious societal issues that are worth your attention.

Once you have settled on your topic, you may go over straight to brainstorming: nothing is more effective to switch on your creativity! So, imagine that your topic is the prevalence of divorce in the USA. Think about what causes this issue and jot down all your ideas, in any order. For example, you may think of the weakening of religious principles, over-business at work, emancipation of women and so on. Now think about the consequences this problem has both for the divorced people and for the society at large. For example, it may come to your mind that divorce leads to stressful experiences for children and their potential psychological problems in the future. You may go further and mention that these psychological problems can become a cause of divorces in the next generation. There is no one single answer to the question of your essay and you are free to emphasize the issues that you consider to be the most profound.

Typically, cause and effect essays must be illustrated with credible evidence. For example, you can use statistics or findings of scientific studies. The structure of a common cause and effect essay is comprised of introduction, main body and conclusion.

In the introduction, you need to present the background for your topic. For example, you may want to provide the statistics of divorce in the USA and briefly describe the history of this problem. Whatever you write in the introduction, it must end with your thesis.

In the main body you should not only name all the causes and effects of the issue, but also elaborate on them and illustrate them with evidence either from your own experience or from scientific literature.

In the conclusion, simply summarize all your points and provide some perspective for the future.