How to Start an Essay

by Samantha Smiles   Google
How to Start an Essay

Start your essay with a catchy introductory paragraph of course. If you want to make your essay not to be just another academic paper, or almost academic, it depends on surely, manages to provide a clear and concise thesis, but avoid making it too stale. Nobody wants to read a dull paper including you too. With that, you should provide a relevant introduction which fits the academic essay writing framework.

Several Strategies to Start an Essay

Start with a question

Your introduction can start with a question also. Why do you think a question can be a wrong start for your essay, conversely, it can contribute to making it more dynamic and appealing. Your purpose is to make your introduction as much appealing as it is possible because you provide an outward writing not an inward. Many students begin to write forgetting that they have an audience. You have to respect your audience so that the audience appreciates your essay. A right start is a half the battle.

Captivate your audience 

You might have already guessed that your primary duty is to captivate your audience. There are many ways to invite the attention to your essay. You can put some genuinely interesting facts about a subject of your essay. If you think that the topic of your essay is incredibly annoying or even worse, the most boring that you have ever had to explore, or anything a kind of that, you are wrong. Ask your instructor to help you with getting a right start.

Your thesis is a key to achieving the highest results. A thesis statement is a critical part of your essay, in particular, introductory paragraph. A thesis statement should make it clear to the reader what the essay is about. A reader wants to read clear, logic and concise thesis statement. To make it more appealing, a student can write a thesis in a form of a recent academic or scientific revelation. This would make your essay more authoritative and reliable.

Add drama

Add a little bit of drama if it applies to the issue you are going to explore. You can dramatize a beginning to make it more appealing. It would be an interesting and intriguing start, but mind that this type of beginning won`t be appropriate for all kinds of essays. Consider a type of an essay and problem area you are going to explore before making such a start.

Your introduction should absorb the attention of your audience. If you want to impress your reader with your paper, start to develop your introductory paragraph using a narrative strategy until you identify your problem area. If you do not manage to provide a proper introduction, your reader is going to become frustrated.  Anyway, choosing an introductory strategy mind a kind of essay and audience.

Start with a joke

Finally, you can start your paper with a well-known or less well-known quotation, or joke. Demonstrate how a quote or joke relates to your subject. It is strongly recommended that you use carefully such figures of speech if you do not know them to be out of place. Summarizing the above, there are plenty methods to start an essay. It is up to you to choose the one which will fit you the best. Get an essay sample and see how it works. 

Struggle with Introduction?

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