How to improve your writing skills

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Writing skills

Writing is not just about putting the words on paper. In order to write content that would be appealing to readers, you should think beforehand about your steps and sources of information. Yes, you have read it right: the process of writing begins long before getting to actual writing.

First of all, if the writer wants to create an interesting and capturing text, he has to think what elements will be included and what information is appropriate to use. Think of your text as of a product: if you want to sell it and get benefits, it should be done by the with your best efforts. As you donít have a chance to use the best writers to write your text, you should use their materials and support your point using their works.

Be Demonstrative

For example, if your point is about the dangers of smoking, the information that smoking is bad for health is not going to work: everyone knows this fact. Your reader probably will get bored after a minute or two into reading your paper. The better way is to search for information that contains exact data on smokers and their experience. For example, the information from Health University that states smoking increases the chances of getting lung cancer by 20% sounds more reliable, right? The choice between those examples on risks of smoking is obvious. So, prepare the literature that will help you to create content. Do not overestimate your writing skills; without reliable information your work will sounds like a paper from a seventh-grader.

Create an Outline

Letís suppose you have all necessary information ready for your paper. The next step is to create an outline. This means you have to write the structure of your paper. Think it thoroughly and compose the structure. It is completely okay to change the structure during the writing process, but if the changes are not serious, for example, swapping two subsections. In case when your structure needs major overhaul, it is probably worth to rewrite your outline.

Get to writing!

Practice your skills as much as you can. Try different techniques and different kinds of essays to write. For example, try to persuade your readers that smoking is bad by writing persuasive essay. Argue about some point in argumentative essay. Test your descriptive skills in corresponding essay. Use examples of other writers and use their structure if necessary.

Check Every Letter

Now you have a text in your hands. Your text still needs your attention because there might be some grammar and punctuation mistakes. Remember, your text should be perfect. Quickly read your text once again and correct mistakes if you find them. Editing and proofreading skills are valuable because you might have an excellent thesis and all other elements but grammar mistakes can ruin all efforts. This is unacceptable so ensure you donít make simple mistakes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember to practice your skills. Subscribe to writing blog and stay updated. You might find some great tips there for academic and blog writing. With time your skills will be developed and your work will be anticipated by your readers, whether it is your professor or worldwide audience.