How To Do A Research Paper

by Samantha Smiles   Google

All students have to write research papers throughout years of their academic careers. This type of work is commonly used to explore social, scientific or technical issues. Students say that the process of writing a research paper is dull, especially when you write it for the first time. However, if you put more efforts and focus on your work, you can make your writing assignment easier and faster. When you are going to write a research paper, your first duty is to plan and prepare information.  This article shares several helpful tips on how to do a research paper:

Know The Requirements

Every student is limited by specific guidelines and specifications. Research paper is not the same type of writing as a reflection essay, where you can write about anything you want in any format you desire. You need to read guidelines and requirements, including grading rubric, before you start working on research assignment.

Pick Something You Like

Writing about something you are really passionate about makes any work much easier. If you like what you are writing about, it definitely will be apparent for the reader as well.  Writing about interesting subject can make your research paper really successful and interesting.

Stay Original

Remember that someone from your class can take the same topic as you. But your task is to make your paper individual and authentic because you have to stand out from the others. Do not choose something boring or commonly used. A creative approach to topic or alternative vision on the issue may help you boost your final grade for the assignment!

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Topic

Students are often afraid to switch to another topic and continue struggling with the one they don't like anymore. It won't do you any good, so don't be afraid to change the direction. However, always remember that you need to have enough time to carry out your research. Changing your topic is a normal practice and usually it is done for the better.

Ask for Advice

When you are tired of struggling on choosing your topic for the research paper, it is better to ask for an advice! You can ask your professor, your friends and classmates. People might have some great ideas to share with you as well! And it is a great source for inspiration.

As for the writing process, we are ready to help you with this question as well! Continue reading this article to discover the secrets of a successful research paper writing!

Writing Your Research Paper

When you are starting to write your research paper, the first thing to remember is a strong thesis statement.  Introduction part is what strikes the reader the most, thus it has to be interesting. Introduce your main topic, after lead the reader into more focused areas you want to emphasize on. You shouldn’t use the same phrases and examples for introduction and conclusion.

In your body paragraphs, it is important to describe the main points that are connected with the thesis statement. Don’t forget that your paragraphs should be logically connected and easy to follow. You can play with your ideas, provide comments and facts on a certain aspect and so on. You need to prove your main thought with evidences and examples. Research paper should not have any statements or thoughts that are not supported by facts. The purpose of writing a research paper is to discuss what has been already written in previous works and to add something new into discussion. It is important to supply clear explanations for your research paper and making your paper unique and individual, so you can add your own comments to the research paper.

After you carefully worked through your examples and arguments, it is time to write a conclusion that will briefly sum up your findings. You need to provide a closure that will outline the results of your research.

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