How students beat stress

by Samantha Smiles   Google

There is simply no time for stress during student life. You have you studies, other activities, friends and family that constantly give you tasks. It is completely normal to be stressed but donít give it any chance to last. The survey shows that more than a half of students in the United States feel stressed. How about you? If you do, check out these tips on how to beat the stress and be back on track again.

Healthy diet

It is very important to eat right and fresh. You have to provide your immune system with vitamins in order to beat the stress. In situations when you are tired from your studies try not to buy another pizza. Fruits are the better option. Try to prepare something by yourself. It is proved that cooking reduces stress levels.

Regular breaks

Short breaks during your work are very important. It can make the anxiety go away and focus you on other things. Long breaks are even better, but try not to use them very often. If you need to really relax, try considering taking a weekend off and go have some fun. This way you can get back to your work totally fresh.

Forget Facebook and get some sleep

We all know about the benefits of sleeping well and enough. Even a 20-minute sleep can increase your productivity. Young people today spend lots of time on social networking sites and sometimes they are there with no particular reason. Try to spend an evening or even a day without logging to Facebook and youíll see that you have added more time to sleep and rest.

The best medicine

It is laughter and it is totally true. When you laugh, oxygen, which helps to battle stress, is increasingly delivered to your system.


Sport is one the best options for fighting stress. You donít have to go to the gym or do other sport every day. It is enough to do sport once a week. Youíll feel good because your body will produce endorphins. Beside this, if you visit a sports club this will keep you in contact with other people.


If youíre under stress, try to find a calm place and just sit quietly for 10-15 minutes. It may sound strange but it really helps. Make sure you give it a try if you have not done this already. In addition, you can learn breathing techniques which will calm you even better.


Most people feel good around pets. It makes them concentrate on the animal and forget about the worrying stuff. Scientists say the body produces hormones after a few minutes you pet a dog. These hormones make you happy. If you donít have a chance to buy yourself a pet, try visiting your friends who have them at their homes.

Quit smoking

Studies suggest smoking does not relax people. There is a reverse effect: serotonin, the hormone which helps to battle the stress, is suppressed. If you planned to quit smoking, it is the perfect time.