Graduate School Admission Essay: How to Make it Brilliant?

by Samantha Smiles   Google

The purpose of every graduate school admission essay is to prove that you are worth of being accepted to this school. You need to show that everything about you is perfect, not just your academic results. As such, your graduate school admission essay is a great chance to reveal the otherwise unknown facets of your outstanding personality.

Despite this, writing it can hardly be a pleasant pastime for any prospective student. If you face any difficulties you should know that we are always willing to help you! Our creative and skillful writers can present even the most trivial experience in a memorable way. Just provide us with the basic information or a draft and we will brilliantly upgrade it with the whole might of our writing mastery!

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What Should I Write about?

If you need to write a personal statement without any definite topic, this is the first question to cross  your mind and to occupy your thoughts for weeks to come. To make the choice you need to follow our instructions:

  • Take your time. You need to reflect on your life, interest and previous experience to define what makes you stand out among your peers. View it as your chance to analyze your life and to prioritize your values.
  • Brainstorm. This is the best way to make your subconscious mind spawn out ideas. Just ask yourself a question (like, what is my biggest strength?) and jot everything that occurs to you without any analysis. After that you need to switch your rational part on to sort out your ideas. There can be both abstract words and specific images that are worth to be used in your essay.
  • Concentrate on one experience or event that had the largest impact upon you. Use it as the background to talk about your major interests and future goals. 
  • Avoid controversial subjects such as religion, politics and the like. Try to stay positive and don't touch upon such topics as death or divorce.

Graduate School Admission Essay Tips

  • Don't recount the events of your life: concentrate on the most important.
  • Grab the attention of your readers with a provoking or mysterious opening.
  • Try to hold their attention with a smooth and consistent body paragraph (that may be even more difficult).
  • Be specific and descriptive: general statements can be written by anyone, write what only you are able to write.
  • Use vivid language and fresh metaphors.
  • Avoid passive voice and write in the first person.
  • Never ever submit your graduate school admission essay prior to careful proofreading by professionals.
  • Make sure that every sentence is relevant and subordinated to your major purpose.

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