Essay topic ideas: Global warming

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Discussion about the global warming developed in the recent decades and has been around for some time now. There are numerous controversial theories about what causes the planet to warm up but not a single fact has been scientifically proved as the main reason. Human activity contributed to the warning but many experts say our impact on the planet could not have caused such radical changes. The Internet has lots of resources for the topic: articles, scientific reports, studies, blogs etc., which makes it perfect for writing an essay. Such paper would have controversy and interest to it, which will make it successful. Here are some topics for you to select.

Causes of Global Warming

The reasons for the planet to warm up are numerous and have been thoroughly studied. These include solar variability, greenhouse gases and so on. The paper can use them as subheadings when explaining the causes. Be sure to examine studies on the problem and use works of leading experts in the area. The information should include historical climate trends and not just describe the recent developments.

Human Contribution to Global Warming

Industrial age and rapid development of human civilization have brought some major changes to the climate and everyone agrees with the fact that we are contributing. But still there is no sound evidence that the process of global warming is caused only by humans. It was estimated that industrial activity increases the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by less than 10 percent. This is relatively small contribution but we still have ice melting and temperature rising. Create alive discussion by using this topic.

Global Warming Effects

Some scientists argue that current changes in the climate already have an impact on the planetís population. This goes all the way from humans to animals and plants. For example, studies have shown that the effects of global warning brought some of food sources including small plants and animals to the edge of extinction. This, in turn, created problems further up the food chain for those species that were using them as food sources. This can easily trigger the chain reaction and entire populations can disappear in very short periods of time. Polar Regions have caps melting all year long. These themes could serve as great topics for you as well.

National Security and Global Warming

We already have Pentagon researching on the threats that could be possible from the effect of global warming. There have been several studies on the problem by the government and other environmental agencies so you will have enough information about what could global warming mean in terms of national security for the United States and other countries around the world.

Solutions for Global Warming

The world has already began its journey on searching ways to reduce pollution of the atmosphere and bringing the temperature down before it gets to the critical levels. There are many governmental and scientific organizations around the world that have some solutions and this can be included in your essay.