Essay outline: the backbone of an essay

by Samantha Smiles   Google

You probably ignored writing outlines for any of your high school papers. No one blames you, those papers are easy and short, so getting right to the rough draft is not a crime at all. However, this technique would not work in college. Now papers have much stricter requirements and have much more content. Without a clear plan you can easily be lost in your plans and thoughts. So you better start making those outlines right away. You can use some pointers on how to write it that are given in the article.

Clear Thesis

It is even more important to stay on your thesis in college as it was in the high school. Now you have to bring more details and make your essays much more complex, because the requirements for writing are different. You have to create a base of sources for your research, the one that is reliable and up-to-date. Be selective in your search. If your base is not suitable for your essay, you might end up lost in your ideas and thesis. Be sure to make a map that illustrates transition between your main points. Remember, your thesis statement is the main theme that will get response from your readers. Impress them but always stay subjective.

Clear Focus

The selection of interesting topic is good. But if you donít focus on your main ideas in the paper youíll get a grade that will be disappointing. Your thesis statement must be supported throughout your entire work. Supporting your main idea is not difficult at all. You can use this simple strategy of maintaining clear focus on your main point. Write an outline for your thesis statement where you establish its connection with other parts of your essay. Make right transitions which would not break the significance of the presented facts. Other blocks of your work might support your idea more and others less. Determine where you have to emphasize you main point and where present facts that support it. Remain focused. At his point you donít need to worry about the grade you will get from your professor.

Staying Focused

One of the main ways to be organized and focused during the process of writing is careful preparation. You have to know what you should do at all stages of your research. Pay attention to your references. They must be relevant and guide you in the right direction. Make sure to apply your sources to right sections of your essay. To keep your point clear, transition between ideas should be well-organized. If your essay contains key words, highlight them and use where possible. If you have some ideas relevant to your research, write them down but remember to support your ideas with references.

These strategies for guiding your writing process will help you to get a good grade. A strong backbone of your essay can only be achieved if you stay focused on your main point and deliver it to the reader.