The most common essay formats

by Samantha Smiles   Google

College assignments require different papers. These papers have different purposes and writing styles. Depending on the subject you will write different essays that will engage readers, persuade them, inform them about certain topic or provide a review of a book or movie. This article intends to provide you with descriptions of types of college papers and their uses.

The Persuasive Essay

The title says everything for itself. The purpose of such essay is to persuade the reader to the authorís point of view. The writer is required to take a stand on the issue and try to convince the audience that he or she is right. It is done only by presenting solid facts and confirmation about the opinions in the essay. Alternative opinions should be presented as well to prove that you donít just give your own ideas and ignore all others. MLA style is mostly used for these types of papers. Citation is required in persuasive essays.

The Expository Essay

This type of essay requires the write to describe or explain or describe something in order to inform the audience. The main point of writing such essay is to prove the understanding of the subject, show the skills for researching information and selecting relevant information. You should never use personal style when referring to yourself and the audience. So the author should not give his or her personal opinion. Expository essays require using Harvard modes or APA or MLA styles.

The Research Essay

The research essay will test studentsí skills for evaluating and understanding the material. It must be written in objective style. If you have your own ideas on the subject of the paper, you can only prove them by citing reference material. Writing such papers requires extensive research by the student, who has to select appropriate material and narrow the topic as much as possible. MLA and APA are mostly used for styling research papers.

The Informal Essay

This is the most subjective and conversational type. The writer is allowed to express his or her personal opinion and can provide information and try to persuade the readers. These papers are written more for express views on certain matters and donít need citation styles. Nevertheless, informal essays should have strong structures and communicate with the audience in a polite manner.

The Cause and Effect Essay

The author of this essay chooses a situation, accident or trend and examines how and why it happened. Next, consequences and results are analyzed. For example, how the computers affect eyes of users and what risks are present. The essay must be impersonal and use MLA or APA citation styles. The writer should pick up only reliable sources for the paper as they influence the research results and final grade.

The Comparison and Contrast Essay

If your professor wants you to compare things or ideas and reveal their differences and similarities, you are writing the comparison and contrast essay. The task is basically to compare something using specific methods and conclude your findings. Various factors could be used as comparison points and it depends on what you are trying to compare. There is no need to use any citation style and conduct scientific research.