How to write a vivid descriptive essay?

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Writing the descriptive essay isnít the most difficult thing, but it certainly requires special skills to create a breathtaking descriptive writing. First, you should understand the conception of descriptive essays. The notion of descriptive essay includes several features inherent only for this type of essays. In this article we will talk about these features and learn how to make you descriptive essay work perfectly.

You can probably tell that descriptive essay is about description of something. This is quite obvious, though. What is more interesting is how to describe something in an interesting and vivid manner. How to give to your reader the feeling that he experienced the described thing with his own skin? This is a very difficult art and to learn it you need to know the principles of descriptive essays.

Make it real

You need to make your reader feel, taste, smell, and touch the object of description. This can only be achieved with precise and detailed description of every tiny aspect of object. For example, if you describing a place, where you have been, do not limit your descriptions with only common facts about it. Add some colours to your story by describing some peculiar niceties about it: something that caught your eye or surprised you. Tell, what emotions have you felt bring there, and so on. Believe me, this approach will guarantee that reader will experience the same emotions as you.

Make it detailed

Details, details, details. Itís all about details in descriptive essays. Your primary task is to give as many details about the subject as possible. Noticed something unusual? Tell about it! Your description should be full of such details to form the whole picture of the object for reader. If you will do this, success of your descriptive essay will become much closer.

Make it grammatically correct

In other words Ė write properly. When it comes to writing rules, grammar, punctuation, general style Ė it doesnít matter what type of essay you are about to write. The rules are equal for them all. Sloppy-written, incorrect essays are doomed to fail as not a single teacher will read an essay, where there are bunches of mistakes until the end. Check your writing style, make sure that there are no slang words in your essay and all commas are in their proper places.

Revise your essay after it is finished

Such necessity of checking and revising is not something that we have just made up. It is the long established law of essay writing and it just canít be neglected in any case. The reason why it is so important is easy: there are too many mistakes are made because of elementary inattentiveness. Bloopers like these are common for students and the best way to get rid of them is to check your essay twice before submission. This is the only way to avoid such silly mistakes.

Thatís it about descriptive essays for today, folks! As you can see, there is nothing too complicated in descriptive writing, you just need to have to describe precisely and add vivid colours to it.