The Notion Of The Custom Essay

by Samantha Smiles   Google

Custom essay is an easy task for those who adore writing and a challenge for students who practice their writing once a year. Though the technical advances keep on developing rapidly, teachers continue to burden their students with writing assignments. The reason for this is not only in the desire to improve their grammar and sense of style, but to develop their critical thinking also. Custom paper is 1-3 page work that can be of different types according to the concrete purpose of writing and requirements of the instructor. It can be one of the following types:

  • expository
  • narrative
  • descriptive
  • argumentative

Expository paper is an essay type that provides a reader with a manual of how to carry out some action. Narrative paper is about creating a whole story with the plot, characters, flashbacks, flesh forwards, dialogs and so on. Descriptive essay provides the audience with a description of the objects, events, phenomena and so on. It allows the reader to feel the situation from the inside. Argumentative or persuasive paper essence is to persuade the audience with your opinion by using convincing arguments and examples.

Structure Of The Custom Essay Writing

The custom essay has a simple structure that is divided into three major parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. These parts are not distinguished explicitly by dissection. The implicit division into constructive parts is indicated by paragraphs. In your introduction you should tell about the issues you are going to explore. Your main body represented by the definite issues/arguments/statements and the evidence if required. The conclusion part generalizes the information from the essay and emphasizing the key issues. Structural competence is significant as it shows your ability to organize work process and filter gathered information. Itís necessary to make up an outline before writing your fair copy. The draft of your work should represent the mentioned structure and fill it with the phrases and sentences.

The outline


Main body

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3



Follow The Stages Of The Essay Writing

We have already spoken to you about the influence of organizational abilities on your academic results. Thus, first thing you should do before taking up writing is to make up a plan of work:

  1. Select an adequate topic. The topic of your work can be prepared for you by the instructor individually or you can be given a freedom of choice. If you are lucky to select it yourself, keep in mind such aspects as your knowledge of the topic, audience structure (age, interests, sex etc.), course, actuality. Choosing the one that corresponds with your profound knowledge of the subject, you can save much time: you already know where to search for information and half of work is already in your head. Audience really matters as each category of people accepts the topic in a different way (if accepts at all).
  2. Gather information. Lots of information sources are available: magazines, books, academic works, online articles, newspapers, videos and so on. Conducting an interview or just meeting with a kind of expert in your field will definitely contribute to your data collection.
  3. Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarized elements will be shown off by the computer programs and applications, which are available for all PC users. In this way, after being caught, your work is unlikely to be accepted at all or your mark will be far from satisfactory.
  4. Make an outline (mentioned in the previous paragraph) that will become a framework for your essay.
  5. Develop the key elements into the comprehensive text. Check the essay for morphological and syntactical mistakes or give somebody else to look it through and proofread.
  6. If you are required to make a speech referring to your work, you need to take into consideration the following:
  • voice
  • gestures
  • mimics
  • posture

Donít whisper and donít shout. Your voice must sound musical, capturing and not monotonous to make the audience listen to you. If you like to gesture, donít just beat the air with your hands. Itís better to keep yourself from gesturing if your movements are too odd. Pay attention to your mimics: smile to the audience and instructor, keep an eye contact with students, make up a covered dialog.  Stooping and leg crossing is not an indicator of your confidence, thus, try to get rid of this habit.

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