What Is A Critical Analysis Essay?

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You can name different types of papers that you receive as an assignment at school, college or university such as compare and contrast, argumentative, process, narrative essays and so on. One of those essay types, which are difficult to cope with, is a critical work that implies evaluation of the certain piece of work whether it is a book or a movie, or an exhibition etc. It is a piece of writing that can take different forms. It may have a structure and length of the simple 3 page essay or it can be represented by the whole critical analysis research paper. Criticism does not always mean bad attitude and attacking the paper. It comprises your subjective opinion that must be based on the evidence from the work you are discussing. In the following paragraph, you will see the main features of the critical paper.

Writing Support: Basic Writing Prompts

If you do not know how to write a critical essay, we hope our advice will definitely contribute to your understanding of its main principles.

1.  The main purpose of the critical work is not to inform, but to express your attitude to something. You should illustrate your arguments with examples from the work you discussing (lets imagine, that its a book). Here you need to tell what moments and issues really worth reading, capturing, innovative and invoking you to think over your whole life etc. And also pick out the weak spots of work: issues that should have been avoided by the author such as a primitive plot or a dull love line or mixed style of writing, lack of editing labor etc. Stating the problem, refer to the evidence that proves your validity. Be fair, accurate and open-minded: do not afraid to express your opinion, just back it up with the evidence.

2.  Usage of the critical material is also possible and even recommended. Thus, searching for information at the preliminary stages of writing will be a plus for your results. Critical literature will only provide you with already existing information and approaches to the work exploration, but also will inspire you for completely new ideas and more profound research of the problem. You can mention the authors of used critical works in your paper in order to provide it with a strong support. Also, having one of your tasks to analyze, you can compare and contrast their opinions and say why do you adhere to one of them.

3.  The style of your paper tends to be formal, thus, pay attention to the following issues. During writing, do not use first person singular, for example I', me', my', in my view', I think', I suppose' etc.  It is specific for this style to resort to the passive voice and passive constructions. Emotional neutrality is the main indicator of the informal paper. To help you understand it more profoundly, remember these descriptive and narrative English literature assignments, which are characterized by rich language and multiple stylistic devices. The style of your critical essay is completely opposite to them. Thus, avoid bookish language and minimize the number of tropes to succeed.

4.  Do not forget about the work structure. Introduce your work, acquainting the audience with the topic you selected. Name the issues, which will be discussed. Come to the main body that is comprised of at least three paragraphs (if it is an essay). These paragraphs carry your arguments and supporting evidence. End your work with a strong conclusion that highlights your point of view and personal attitude.

Difference In Work Structuring: Pay Attention To The Work Type!

Earlier we have already discussed that your critical work can be of different types. The structure of the essay was revealed to you in previous paragraph. It has only three constituent parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. When the task is to accomplish the research paper, it can have different length and different structure accordingly. Talking about the 20-25 page term paper, the structure of your work will take the following form:

  • title page
  • contents
  • summary
  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion
  • bibliography
  • appendices

The title page is the first page of your paper that represents the information about the writer, instructor, educational institution, topic, year etc. The contents is the list of the following constituent parts and their correspondence with the page numbers. Summary is a short retelling of your paper. Introduction occupies not one paragraph, but at least one page. It provides audience with thesis, methods of work, names of authors you used as a support, purposes, object, subject of the work and so on. Main body is divided into sections and paragraphs, in other words, it has a complicated structure. Conclusion also covers one page and sums up the entire material of your paper. Bibliography is a list of informational sources you used during the work accomplishment comprising internet sources, books, magazines, publications etc. Appendices include additional information represented by various drawings, tables, graphics, pictures etc.

Plagiarism And The Online Warehouse Services

When receiving a writing assignment some young people resort to the internet considering it to be a rather clever solution. But what a disillusionment you will feel after realizing that the work you successfully downloaded from one of so called paper warehouses' was used by three more students from your class. What we would like to propose you is to refuse from copying the text entirely. If you liked it, read it again and transform it in your own words as being just copied it is considered to be a plagiarized work. For you to know, plagiarism can be easily checked by multiple computer programs, which are accessible for the every teacher.

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