Campus life

by Samantha Smiles   Google

The idea of living far from parents is in the mind of every student. The experience is associated with fun, live and youth. These magic words make young people go far away from their homes in trying to pursue absence of control from parents and lifestyle when everything is allowed. But these are not the main advantages of living on campus. This is actually the first experience of living relatively adult life but with fewer problems, that would be present in usual life of an adult. The parents still provide their children in order to allow them have enough time to explore their prospects and obtain necessary knowledge.

Dream Time

During this time, you are filled with ideas and desires to change the world and make it a better place. You dream about your good future and this is to be appreciated about the life on campus. You meet people who become your good friends during the studies and even friends for life. With all those feelings, you should not forget the main purpose for you: getting education and develop yourself.

Development Time

This also should be the time when you develop your thinking, analyzing and creating abilities. You won’t have this chance later when you graduate. For the students that truly understand their goals during living on campus, it is a great opportunity to see the world by meeting international students. They can get very valuable knowledge of getting to know new cultures, learning new languages. You can develop your foreign language skills further with native speakers, which costs people money in today’s world. Beside this, it is priceless to discover how other cultures’ way to living, communicating with other people and studying.

Campus is not for Everyone

Campus can be viewed as pleasant experience by some students and unbearable experience for others. For example, many students are used to live home, eat home food. Student can’t afford these pleasures during living in campus. Another example may include people from small towns who are used to living simple life inside their “cocoon'. They may be very uncomfortable on campuses with lots of students from different parts of the country. Beside, their privacy is limited as they don’t have as much personal space as they used to.

The facilities on campuses often cannot be compared to the ones that were used at home. Public baths and kitchens have obvious disadvantages. But these aspects should not stop students from getting the necessary education. You should be careful when choosing universities and examining their facilities.

In short: if you are highly motivated by your desire to studying, campus life will not stop you from getting where you want. If the main motivation of the person is partying and having fun, campus is pretty much suitable for these goals. At the same time, it is unclear if the person that does not want to love in campus will be getting better grades when living home.

So, after all, it is up to you and your preferences!