Argumentative Essay in 5 Easy Steps

by Samantha Smiles   Google
Argumentative Essay in 5 Easy Steps

Have an argumentative essay due? Struggle with choosing the right structure? Do not know how to organize your ideas? What if you need to write an argumentative essay on the side that you disagree with? Read these easy tips and you will definitely forget about the troubles of argumentative essay writings! If you need help, our chat is online. Do not hesitate to use it!

Step One: Take the Side

The first and most important step in producing the essays, in particular, the argumentative paper, is to make clear what is the assignment about? More precisely, what argumentative writing about is. If you are writing an argumentative paper, you are taking a particular side on the issue you are going to argue. Before you start writing, make sure what side you would like to take. It does not matter whether you take “for' or “against', do not extend away from the chosen research line.

Step Two: Conduct Research

Whether you have settled down with the research position, you can start a research in its full meaning. Argumentative essay is not just about informing your audience, it is about persuading it. You should persuade your audience that you have chosen the right position so that the opposite position is wrong. Having read your essay, a person should realize that your arguments make sense even if this person does not agree with you. You know how to persuade the audience, don`t you? Compose a valid thesis and support it with the valid arguments.

Step Three: Mind Your Audience

There is one more point in writing an argumentative paper, mind your audience. Answer a question who are you writing for. Mind that you are not writing for yourself. Do not produce an inward writing. Your writing should be outward because you are targeting a specific audience. You will not manage to convince anybody if you ignore this point. If your audience is your instructor solely and exclusively, mind this particular audience`s perspectives to meet the expectations. If you have to target your instructor, your basic requirements will be to follow his/her guidance and academic writing requirements inclusively.

Step Four; Have Enough Evidence

To provide a proper research, you will definitely need to use more than one source. Many students underestimate this recommendation, but it highly important that you understand that one resource is not enough to produce a solid and meaningful academic paper. You would probably agree that it is rather practically impossible to serve one resource to provide a spacious paper. How would you be able to provide the opposite arguments and then again supportive arguments using one-and-only resource even if it is an authoritative, academic resource? One source is not enough for A+.

Step Five: You Need to Persuade

Reach the purpose of your argumentative paper with most conclusive arguments which will persuade anyone, including your instructor. You are almost done with your research and it is time to write a draft. Begin with the introduction, where you put a valid thesis. Throughout a paper, you will refer to the thesis, so your arguments should support it. Do not provide off the topic and irrelevant information. Proceed with the main body of your paper. Start every new paragraph with a topic sentence. Provide the claims which refer to your thesis.  Finally, put a substantial conclusion and you can be proud of yourself until you start the proofread and revision of course. Joking aside, revision is an inevitable part of the writing process, so take your time and proofread your paper. Use these argumentative essay writing steps and get your A+.