An interesting essay on a boring topic

by Samantha Smiles   Google

It is very easy to write on a topic that is interesting for you and the others to read. But you can’t escape assignments with topics that are really boring. There is a saying that there are only boring content creators and no boring topics. So keep this in mind the next time you receive an assignment about spaghetti sauce.

Irony and Sarcasm are Your Best Friends

The first thing you should do with writing on “uninteresting' topic is to include irony and sarcasm. It might be a good idea to inject these elements right from the beginning of the paper. The title should use extra sarcasm as well. Readers will become interested when they’ll notice it, so this could be a good start of your success. It is even better when your professor appreciates your trying to make the paper interesting. You are more likely to get a better grade if the professor finds it fun to read and analyze. For example, if your topic is a new school policy, which increases hours of a certain subject that is hated by the students, try to prove that these additional hours would be great for everyone.

No Mistakes!

In order to keep your reader interested, try not to disappoint by committing grammar mistakes and using inappropriate style. Your paper should be professional and fun at the same time. Remember that your audience will always have the tendency to criticize your work so it’s not enough only to draw attention – you also should make sure that there is not a single flaw in it. But winning the interest from your professor will help you to silence some of the critics so this is very important.

Avoid Too Many Citations

It is also crucial not to present your audience with too many citations and facts. This is not a good idea in any kind of paper, especially in this one. Try to add more of your own views and suggestions concerning the topic. Your essay does not have to be yet another endless bombardment with facts that the reader doesn’t cares about. If your audience wants to know about your topic, they might as well go to the library and pick a book, so try to avoid irrelevant information.

Answer the Actual Questions

You should also focus on finding answers on your readers’ questions if possible. Again, if you’re writing about some new school policy, be sure to include views and discussion of your fellow students. Even if the views are somewhat ridiculous, they are real and asked by the real people. The questions might be important enough if people spend time looking for answers. For other opinions turn to social networks, forums or blogs which have many discussions on various topics.

If your paper is written in proper style but has some fun aspect to it, don’t have any doubts that your audience will be satisfied. Follow these steps and you will transform one of the most boring topics into fun and interesting to read.