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6 Prewriting Strategies to Get Your Essay Done

Prewriting Strategies to Get Your Essay Done
Why is prewriting important? It is clear that prewriting is an important stage which facilitates the process of essay writing. Many students use plans to make writing easier. However, there are other Read more »
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Term Paper Writing Common Mistakes

Term Paper Writing Common Mistakes
First: Read Instructions!One of the most common mistakes students usually do is forgetting to read their instructions. Many mistakes could have been avoided if the instruction were read carefully. A Read more »
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Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips
The purpose of a persuasive or argumentative essay is to convince your audience that your position is legitimate. You have to take a particular position and argue that it is the only reasonable Read more »
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Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing Tips
Many students assume it is important to check every word while writing a dissertation paper. Surely it is, but now at the early stages. If you think it is for good to stop after each another Read more »

Planning Your Essay

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As a student, you are well-aware of the fact that writing assignments are many in number, time is scarce, and instructors are not the most helpful in terms of providing assistance with writing. Read more »
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