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How to overcome fear of public speaking?

The fear of public speaking is considered to be one of the greatest fears of students. Don’t be discouraged by it, there are literally tens of thousands of other students that have the same Read more »
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How to find a good job upon graduation from college

Many college graduates think that the knowledge they obtained in college has not prepared them for the workplace they need. This disturbing trend goes all the way to high school graduates, which Read more »
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Persuasive essay topics: 10 facts against gun control

If you are required to write a persuasive essay, there are lots of interesting topics to cover. One of them is “gun control'. The article presents facts for the side that is against gun Read more »
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Research paper interesting topics: global climate change

We have seen an increase in scientific studies and other developments in the field of global climate change. The topic is very up-to-date and there are numerous studies on the phenomena, which Read more »
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Critical article review vs. article summary: tips for students

The process of writing summary of an article or critical review is very complex and requires careful planning and implementation. Subjective opinion, organized thinking, objectivity, Read more »
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