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How to Analyze a Book and Write Literature Review

How to Analyze a Book and Write Literature Review
If you are asked to provide a book analysis, thus it means to provide an evaluation of the meaning and significance of the book, not retelling it. Though it is one of the elements of the book Read more »
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Writing an Essay in 7 Easy Steps

Writing an Essay
Essay writing can be a very difficult, exceptionally complicated process but only for those who struggle with this type of assignment. Many students have no idea how to write a good essay. Thus, you Read more »
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Critical article review vs. article summary: tips for students

The process of writing summary of an article or critical review is very complex and requires careful planning and implementation. Subjective opinion, organized thinking, objectivity, Read more »
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Persuasive Essay on Abortion Topicality: Why Is It So Popular?

Abortion is a topic that seems to invoke hot discussions all the time. Abortion is perceived differently by people of various age, sex, religion and so on. Someone considers abortion to be a Read more »
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Dissertation Help: How Dissertation Differs From Thesis?

Definitions of “thesis' and “dissertation' are often equated but actually there is a distinction that you should take into consideration. Thesis is related to research work at the bachelor Read more »
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