15 Popular Essay Topics

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popular essay topics

Writing a good essay starts with the choice of the best essay topic you can find. However, it is not such an easy task to choose the most appropriate topic for writing. The following list presents some interesting, current, and researchable topics for essay writing, college level. Feel free to use any of the following topics for your essay!

List of Topics for College Essays

  1. Is anything private anymore? You can discuss that in the contemporary world, there is too little privacy is left. You can also consider the impact of the modern technologies and why do you think the situation can be changed. If yes, suggest why it can be possible and when.
  2. Why animal testing should be banned. It is quite a popular topic, so you won`t find it difficult to find a relevant and up-to-date information on the issue. This issue is being highly discussed, so explain why this issue causes so much interest. Currently, the human intended products are being tested successfully on animals. Prove if a current situation to be changed?
  3. Stereotypes in the media. It is notorious that media produces stereotypes. You can explain what kind of stereotypes media creates. Is it good or bad? Are there more advantages of disadvantages of media consumption?
  4. Should people stop using Facebook? Why do you think people should stop using Facebook, as there quite a considerable number of advantages in using social networks? Explain why social networks are popular. You can also mention what is the target audience of the social networks and why.
  5. Is it important to have a high school diploma or college degree to be successful nowadays? First of all, you can mention the importance of the education for every person. Suggest what the world would look like if people did not get an education.
  6. Why is recycling important? It is true that recycling is important. Prove this fact. Use appropriate evidence to hold your point. This is quite a popular issue, so you will easily find significant academic sources to be able to enjoy essay writing.
  7. Pros of genetic engineering. What is the purpose of genetic engineering and why is it beneficial for a human? Demonstrate your knowledge in the field of genetic engineering and provide the latest findings in this area.
  8. Violence in sport. You can mention different kinds of sport which are more and less violent. Why are extreme sports still popular and how does it influence a human? Is a nature of sports violent? You can take this direction in exploring an issue or another one.
  9. The Day After Tomorrow: Impact of global warming on society. A global warming is another popular essay topic. The students are usually being assigned to provide a research on this subject. Does climate change? You can mention that the climate has changed for the last decades and keep changing due to the excessive human activity. 
  10. Why are violent video games not a cause of aggression? You could have probably heard that violent games contribute to developing aggressive behavioral models, especially among a younger generation whose mind is more susceptive. Here, you are supposed to provide a dissenting opinion. You can find more essay examples if you need.
  11. Fast food nation. You can mention that many people consume fast food products though it is largely accepted that fast food consumption provokes various health disorders.You can also mention that regardless the overall awareness, the production of fast food products is still high. The number of essay topics is enormous. You can choose any.
  12. Sex education in public school. Mention pros and cons of sex education in public school. Why do think sex education is an important element of course of study? Argue your claim.
  13. Why same-sex marriage should be legal. Provide evidence where the same-sex marriages have already been legalized and why. How does it impact society?
  14. Bullying at school. What can be done to stop bullying at school? Who is responsible for those children who bully the others, their parents or teachers?
  15. Internet censorship. Why should the internet be censored? Is it censored enough today? Who is responsible for an internet censorship? 

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