10 Best Topics for Research Papers

by Samantha Smiles   Google
10 Best Topics for Research Papers

Considering that research papers writing is rather a time-consuming process, you are recommended to choose a research topic carefully. To produce high-quality research papers, you have to be interested in what you are writing about, first of all. That is why you should take the choice of a research topic seriously.

List of Excellent Topics For Research Papers

  1. Steroids, Antibiotics, Sprays; Are food manufacturers killing us? Demonstrate your knowledge in the field providing relevant evident and using academic resources. Talk about food producers and the reason why producing steroids, antibiotics and sprays are so popular.
  2. How do eating disorders relate to psychological disorders? Talk about the correlation between eating and psychological disorders. It is supposed that psychological treatment is needed when the eating disorder occurs.
  3. Anorexia/Bulimia. Is it a curse of the 21st century? Why is there such a big amount of girls suffering from anorexia/bulimia? What is the major reason/contributor? Can be the media with its beauty stereotypes called one of the major contributors to developing anorexia/bulimia disorders?
  4.  Autism. Autism is one of those issues which disturb the scientific minds significantly throughout the world. Currently, there are more questions than the answers, so you are welcome to explore this problem are.
  5. The decline of real-life communication and technologies. The technologies have substituted real-life communication. Isn`t it? Talk about the role of the technologies in the decline of the real-life communication. Why social networks became so important?
  6. Online social networks and their influence. Social networks are genuinely popular nowadays. Do people spend hours on social networks? Why is it happening? You can talk about the reasons for their popularity. What future do you think social networks will have?
  7. Sexual innuendos in marketing. Speaking friendly, there are lots of sexual innuendos in the marketing, so you will easily find the examples. You can talk about the reasons of such abundance, and the possible effect of it.
  8. Gender discrimination. You can talk about the gender discrimination in general. Is widespread discrimination present nowadays? You can mention gender discrimination at the workplace. For example, do women and men paid equally?
  9. Steroids: should they be legalized? Talk about the usage of steroids in sport, its pros and cons. Why do you think they should be legalized? Provide evidence. Why people use steroids?
  10. Pros and cons of plastic surgery. Name the advantages of plastic surgery. There are cases when plastic surgery is needed. When is plastic surgery not needed? What are the cons of plastic surgery? Is plastic surgery abused?

Need More Topics?

Surely, this is not the full list of the best research topics. However, a provided list includes most popular and appreciated research topics. It is supposed that this list will provide you not only with the ready topic, but also with the ideas for your future research topics. Finding a proper issue for exploration is not such a difficult task. There are plenty of questions that you can research. When you know what to write about, you are most likely to get an appropriate grade.