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Compare and Contrast Essay

Comparison essay presents you with the task to compare and/or contact something. You can write comparative essay about two or more objects, feelings, emotions, concepts, places, foods, etc. In essence, anything can become a basis for comparison, even when the two things seem incomparable. If you do not know how to write a compare and contrast essay or just look for good compare and contrast essay topics, Wriitng-Academy.com is the best online project to seek help with your task!

The Essential Elements

Our professional writers are not afraid of challenging topics or difficult tasks. While your comparison essay may seem undoable for you, it is not a problem for us. Among the variety of strategies on how to write a good comparative essay, we favor the following two techniques:

  • Block Arrangement. Block arrangement is applicable to any topic. For example, you can use block arrangement if you want to compare two universities, two cars, or two places. Block arrangement is rather simple to follow. First, you write one paragraph about one object. Next, you write the next paragraph about the second object. The key point here is to use the same point for comparison. For instance, if you write about traveling by bus and by airplane, the first paragraph can be about the time you need to travel by bus, while the second paragraph will be about the time traveling by airplane requires. In essence, the entire essay can be organized in 4 paragraphs – introduction, paragraph about bus, paragraph about airplane, and conclusion.
  • Point-by-Point Presentation. Point-by-point arrangement is slightly different from block style because you bring together both objects being compared/contrasted into the same paragraph. In other words, you devote a paragraph to the point of time and talk about this point for both airplane and bus. The second paragraph can explore the issue of comfort. The third paragraph may talk about the price or expense.

There is no practical difference between the two formats, even though point-by-point layout is more logical to follow and requires more critical thinking skills compared to the block arrangement. The most important issue is to stay focused on the topic and keep all requirements in mind.

What Do We Offer?

Despite the format you choose for your compare and contrast essay writing, you are assured in professionalism of our writers. We will prepare original, well-done writing that meets all requirements and satisfies the grading criteria set by your teacher!