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Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay should have a clear thesis statement that presents either effects or points out the causes of something. You should not try to talk about both causes and effects at the same time at least because it is hardly possible to prepare a well-balanced report that contains solid discussions of causes as well as effects. There are many different cause and effect topics and you can write about any object or phenomenon. Here are several suggestions for causal analysis essay topics:

  • The effect of corruption on economy in Egypt
  • The effects of uniforms of students' performance
  • The causes of obesity in the United States
  • The causes of crime in New York City
  • Why students do not enjoy reading newspapers

The topic you choose should be interesting and yet researchable. Yes, even though you are not required to use outside sources or argumentative points in your cause and effective assignment, you still may want to obtain extra insights to support your statements. After all, your writing will be much more interesting and informative if you add specific examples.

Steps and Key Elements

  • Topic. The first step is to choose a good topic. Once a topic is chosen, you need to write a working thesis statement.
  • Points. Now you have a good topic and you have decided to write about causes or effects. The next step is to write a short outline of points that are relevant to your topic. For example: causes of pollution are car driving, agriculture, and high pollution public transportation. Write as many points as you can think about.
  • Categories. The third step is to organize points into categories (human-caused, technology-caused, government-caused, etc.). You can come up with any category as long as it logically fits into your topic and overall discussion.
  • Examples. For every point you list, you should be able to include strong, relevant, and interesting examples. It is not enough to say that humans contribute to pollution; you need to give specific examples proving your point of view.
  • Draft. Finally, you are ready to start working on your first draft. Do not think much about grammar at this point. Focus on structure and overall organization.

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