How to Write a Book Report That Doesn`t Suck

by Samantha Smiles   Google
How to Write a Book Report That Doesn`t Suck

To provide a quality book report, you have to read a book. You won`t simply be able to make it possible without reading a book. What book are you supposed to summarize? Are you sure that you have understood right the assignment? What if you are supposed to provide your opinion along with a summary? You have to be sure about the kind of task you have to perform before you start actually reading a book.

Take Notes

While reading, you are kindly recommended to take notes. It is recommended that you make notes of every chapter of the book. After reading a chapter, put down a brief summary of this chapter. Basically, it is done to facilitate the book report writing for you. Pay a lot of attention to the main characters and their relationships between each other. Are these characters are good or bad? Prove why you think that a particular character is a good one while another character is a bad one. Are they realistic enough or not? Do they act like is a real-life situation or not? Answer these questions after reading a book. In a book report, you are also supposed to write the main idea of a book. Are there many themes in a book? Write down what is happening in a book.

Add Quotes

You can add quotes to make your book report more entertaining. You can write what you liked about reading this particular book and what you did not like? Perhaps, you enjoyed reading a particular part of a book more than rest of a book. Write about reading experience freely.

Organize your Thoughts

When you are ready with reading a book, it is important that you organize your thoughts. The best way to organize your thoughts is to make an outline. What is the central or chief idea? Along with that, outline the secondary ideas. To help yourself understand what the central idea is, ask yourself a question What message does the author want to communicate? You can now analyze the characters and their motives. What character you liked the most and why? Do you sympathize with the main character? Why or why not?

Start with Facts

What to start with? Provide the basic facts about a book. That means an author, a title of a book, a publisher and a year of publishing, a genre, even a number of pages may be needed. In any way, you can always consult an assignment to check whether you did include all the elements in the introduction to your book report. In the introduction, be sure to put what your book review is about and what the basic ideas are. In the main body of the book report, provide the examples while arguing your claims. Whether you agree or disagree with an author, support your arguments with the examples from the text. In conclusion, summarize all the previously provided ideas and themes of a book and restate your opinion. Make clear your personal impression from reading a book to a reader. If it was positive, make your reader interested in reading this book.

Reread your Writing

If you do not want your paper to be purposeful, reread your paper. Check whether you did manage to provide a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion. If you provided an opinion in the introduction, the main body should support it. Mind that all the requirements should be met, or else you will fail the assignment. Finally, if you still aim to provide a paper that does not suck, read a book that appeals much to you!